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SUC at Fredonia
Region:WesternProgram Type: Year Round
Grades/Levels Served: Freshman-Graduate

Number of students Enrolled: 40

Thompson Hall
Fredonia, 32 14063


Teresa Van Aernam, Director
Phone: 716-673-3531
Fax: 716-673-3802




Program Highlights:
CSTEP The purpose of the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) is to increase the enrollment and retention of underrepresented or economically disadvantaged students in undergraduate and graduate programs that lead to professional licensure and to employment in scientific, technical, and health-related fields. We offer the following: academic advising and development, mentoring and tutoring, paid internships, research opportunities, career development workshops, conference participation, graduate school and licensure preparation, and Kaplan scholarhips for pre-test review courses.






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