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Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Region:NYC: Bronx/ManhattanProgram Type: Year Round
Grades/Levels Served: 7-16

Number of students Enrolled: 65 STEP/376 outside of STEP

1 Gustave L. Levy Place
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Box 1250
New York, 32 10029


Lloyd Sherman, Director
Email: lloyd.sherman@mssm.edu
Phone: 212-241-7655
Fax: 212-348-1059




Program Highlights:
HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM The Mount Sinai Center for Excellence in Youth Education provides pre-college students from diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds with challenging learning experiences that bolster their preparation and performance in science, language arts, mathematics and technology in a context where they explore careers in medicine, research, nursing, and allied health. Dyad pedagogy, is the learning methodoloyg of the program. The approach is based on students arranged in working pairs for the semester, collaborating on all aspects of their study - from test taking, logbook entry and oral presentation. They receive the same grade as the result of this learning process. Students may enroll in a number of courses including Cancer, HIV, Environmental Health, Zebrafish Research, Fruit Fly Genomics, Diabetes, Sickle Cell, Hospital and/or Research Internship. The courses are conducted weekly each semester using licensed teachers from the public schools, Medical School faculty, staff, and medical and graduate students from the MSSM Graduate School of Biomedical Science. Their performance in these courses as well as in the Hospital and Research Placement Internships which includes assessments of a logbook and a paper that is given orally and in writing show outstanding gains in biomedical knowledge, major development of oral and written expression, and exponential growth in biomedical concepts expressed through an active vocabulary at weekly oral presentations in seminar. The outcomes encompass New York Standards - setting student performance at a level exceeding these expectations through activities that require acquisition of new biomedical knowledge in the context of real-time human conditions from the hospital, in case studies, and current health issues that affect the community, both local and national. All students show remarkable gains in health careers awareness from their exploration of these careers by their direct contact with health professionals in the laboratory, clinics and on the hospital floors. They learn by observation and through interviewing scientists, physicians, nurses, administrators, and allied health staff. The program sets a minimum expected enrollment of 65 students which is exceeded owing to the high level of interest of very well qualified students. Students receive counseling, tutoring, on an as needed basis, and the relevancy of cultural influences in medical service and health disparities, as well as guidance in career and college planning. Accurate records are maintained on file and student progress records are forwarded to each school for accreditation purposes. Students are tracked through self reporting and periodic surveys collect information identifying milestones achieved and progress made with regard to goals set; enrollment through public schools and others by special arrangement only.






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