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New York Institute of Technology
Region:Long IslandProgram Type: Year Round
Grades/Levels Served: 7-12

Number of students Enrolled: 80

Technology Based Learning Systems
300 Carleton Ave.
Central Islip, 32 11722


Thomas Diener, Coordinator
Email: tdiener@nyit.edu
Phone: 631-348-3317
Fax: 631-348-3399




Program Highlights:
NYIT’s STEP Program provides rich learning experiences to supplement teaching and learning in the Islip and Central Islip School Districts. Students participate in both summer and year round after-school programs that promote learning through research. Units of study are thematic and take advantage the area’s natural resources and proximity to marine environments. NYIT strives to provide students with pathways to rewarding careers in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.






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